Hello Open Source and Happy New Year 2021 🎉

Hello Open Source and Happy New Year 2021 🎉

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Today marks the end of 2020 ! With less than 24 hours remaining to 1st January 2021, when I look back to the whole year, I can only feel blessed and full of gratitude 🙏

For me, the year started with a high note, as I was getting the hang of my work and what I need to do to grow in tech space. Then the COVID struck and then there were lots ups and down. Lost my loved ones, had to experience total lockdown, wanted to learn a couple of things but couldn't and with September when things beginning to get on track for me, I only felt blessed 🙏

As the October was near, with HacktoberFest 2020 atmosphere, I always wanted to create something to give back to DEV Community and help others, inspired by some of the very greats, I created a project to help others get started with Open Source, especially with GitHub !

So before the year ends, start with the step of creating your first PR and let the world know of your contribution to Open Source.

Best of luck for the next year and many more to come 🙏

Hello Open Source

Want to make a simple and awesome game from scratch ? Check PongPong

Till next time !

Namaste 🙏

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